Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Platinum Level

 Platinum Level:

·      Lifetime membership for a one time fee of US$5,000.00

·      Payment Plan from 3-6 months

·      Life time unlimited access to a wide and diverse inventory of E-books

·      Empowerment through Real Estate opportunities

·     Sound Marketing support through access to professional customer care agents

·      Publish yourself and earn in our Sir and Lady Authors Competition

·      Have your own virtual business

·      Advertise your products and services through our window to the World

·      Coupons and rebates for the life of the membership.  Coupons and rebates  must be redeemed within 12 months of issue . These can be used for any reason or purpose.

·      Earn commissions from successful product/service referrals

·      Earn US$50.00 commissions from each successful membership referral. For over 5 successful referrals made per month $112 per person is paid.

·      First preference in our real estate developments

·      Home Ownership possibilities in our various Home Ownership programmes

·      Assignable Scholarships

·      Prizes and Vacation Giveaways 

·      Trustee Programme

·      Construction Trustee Programme-

      o   Fee of US$200.00 for US$1-1000.00o   Fee of 2% for contracts above US$1,000.00

      o   Inspection fee of US$100.00 for homes up to 4 family

      o   Inspection fee of US$200.00 – 500.00 for homes above 4 family 

·      Credit Counseling and Repairs – Fee of US$500.00 -2,500.00

·      Franchise Opportunity

·      Disaster Preparedness Programme

·      Foreclosure Prevention Programme(after one year’s membership)

·      Foreclosure Protection Programme (after one year’s membership) 

        Discounted Services:

       o   Portfolio Development and Management – retainer of US$2,500.00 plus hourly fee

       o   Property Listing Service –US$190.00 for 12 month (waived until July 2008)

       o   Professional Listing Service – US$125.00 for 12 months

       o   Property Management Service – 13% of gross

        o   Contractor Listing Service - US$300.00 for 12 months

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