Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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All references to earnings are in US-Dollars.

You receive a commission of $50 for each direct sale of the e-experience and membership generated from your website in the Real Estate Consumer Club (RIC) Achievers’ Group.

You receive a commission of $50 for each direct sale of membership to the Patriot Group in the Real Estate Consumer Club (RIC).

You receive a commission of $50 for each direct sale of membership to the Group 144K in the Real Estate Consumer Club. For over 5 successful referrals made per month $112 per person is paid. This means you can earn minimum $672 from only 6 referrals to this group.You have the unchallenged ability to generate unlimited income by successfully referring persons to CAREIF’s other products and services…

You receive a 2% commission at a minimum value of $57 for each direct sale or referral to our joint venture equity programme in our real estate development projects.You can earn significantly more depending on the value of the joint venture equity package taken by your referral.

You receive a 2% commission on any value of cash sponsored, donated or contributed to CAREIF’s Education Fund. For example, cash contribution of $500,000 from your invited sponsor to the programme will earn you $10,000. Remember you can invite multiple sponsors to increase your income generating possibilities to unlimited amounts.

You receive a 2% commission on any value of cash loan to CAREIF’s Debt Funding Programme through your direct referral.

You receive a 1% commission on each successful referral made to our real estate joint venture programme whether the project is $10,000,000 or $1,000,000,000.

Earn royalties by publishing your own e-books and experiences.Commissions/Compensation

Commissions/compensation payable to RIC members who make referrals to non-members for CAREIF services that are offered independent of the Real Estate Consumer Club.  

Property Listing Service Programme                                 20% on each listing.

 Professional Listing Service Programme                           20% on each listing.

Contractor Listing Service Programme                               20% on each listing.

 Contruction Trustee Programme                                          20% Gross on contract.

Credit Repairs and Counselling Programme                      25% Gross on contract.

 Franchise Ownership Programme                                        2% Gross on contract.

Advertisements on the Website                                           25% on each advertisement.




Please note that for our members to benefit from the commissions they must sign as SALES ASSOCIATES for the Club. For inquiries please contact us.

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