Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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CAREIF RIC offers tremendous benefits, services and compensation packages to our valued members. RIC aims to facilitate our members in building real time ‘wealth through real estate’.

 Empowerment through Real Estate:

CAREIF RIC Members have the opportunity to take advantage and be educated about the various Real Estate opportunities that exist globally  to financially empower the member and his family.Click here for more information


Have your own virtual business:  RIC members benefit from increased inventory of virtual income generating products (no delivery or inventory costs) which now give unlimited earning powers. Members earning ability increase significantly by being a part of CAREIF’S Real Estate Club (RIC). 


Lifetime Membership:  

is offered in our ALL INCLUSIVE Real Estate Consumer Club (Conditions apply).

Payment Plan: available when upgrading membership to specific groups. Members have the ability to upgrade their membership to groups which will generate cash rebates and coupons payable to them for the rest of their lives. That’s like having a pension plan without making the payments or waiting on retirement (Conditions apply).


 Sound Marketing Support:  Access to professional customer care agents who are equipped to efficiently handle all queries or matters. Our team is able to offer strong marketing support to members as they refer others.
 Rebates:  RIC is committed to giving its members, during the life of their memberships, coupons and rebates which must be redeemed within 12 months. These rebates can be used for any reason or purpose. This benefit will only apply to specific groups and not all groups.


Wide and diverse inventory of E-books        
Our mission is to continuously increase the inventory of our e-books list which will greatly facilitate the exposure of a wide range of subject areas and information to our members. 

Home without Cash : RIC members who participate in specific Joint Venture Equity promotions can reserve a home built by CAREIF WITHOUT A DEPOSIT.
Click here for more information
Foreclosure Protection and Prevention: We develop strategies for members experiencing difficulties in making mortgage payments. If our member’s real estate becomes threatened then RIC can intervene (conditions apply).


Home Ownership :

RIC members have Home Ownership possibilities in our various Home Ownership programmes.

are offered to RIC Members. These are assignable to Family members.

Publish yourself and earn : Our Sir and Lady Authors Competition creates the opportunity for members to express themselves through creative writing. Further, the competition allows for the authors to earn from royalties for those pieces selected for the Winners group.               


  Wide range of income generating opportunities: As CAREIF increases it value-added products which directly benefit our members in the Club, we are able to widen our income generation potential as well. Increased products and marketability means an increase in market shares (more prospects being attracted to the club) which will result in more commissions to be earned from referrals.

a)  USD $50 per successful referral to RIC Group 144K, (USD $112 per person for over 5 successful referrals per month).                                                                                                                                                                                      
b) USD $50 per successful referral to RIC Group of Patriots. Read more…                                                                                         
c)  USD $50 per successful referral to RIC Achievers’ Union Group.
d) 2% commission from each successful referral to Joint Venture Equity opportunity. Read more…
e) 2% commission for each successful referral for sponsorship to the Education Fund . Read more…
f ) 2% commission for successful referral to the Debt Funding Programme. Read more…
g) 1% commission from each successful Joint Venture opportunity. Read more…
h) Earn royalties by publishing your own e-books and experiences. Read more…  


Prizes and Vacation Giveaways - from time to time RIC will be raffling real estate holdings; members will have an opportunity to take part in the raffle and win big. Members can also win vacations and other prizes during these giveaways 

 First preference:  RIC members have the right of first refusal in all CAREIF’s developments. CAREIF’s development portfolio includes a number of proposed master planned residential and commercial projects. Click here for more information. 

 Disaster Preparedness Program : RIC will fund and or arrange to stand as a guarantor for the repairs or reconstruction of our members damaged primary real estate residence that occurred during a natural disaster.   We will repair the members damaged home then have the member billed. The member will enter into an agreement to repay to RIC the amount spent, over an extended period at a reasonable rate of interest. The loan could be repaid over a (30-45) year time period (Conditions apply).



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